No a la MINA

Project Goals

  1. Direct local action to reduce or cancel the Los Cardones open-pit mining projects – located in and near the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve.
  2. Implement a mining communications/outreach campaign targeted to decision-makers and the general public to influence future decisions on MIA and zoning changes.

Project Objectives

  1. Build opportunities for direct citizen action to cancel all permits for the Los Cardones project.
  2. Build the political atmosphere so that state and municipal elected officials are able to deny permits for toxic mining while respecting federal law.
  3. Educate 4-5 critical communities about toxic mining through workshops, public consultations, and local meetings.
  4. Garner significant coverage in traditional, online, and digital media to build an understanding of the elements of toxic mining that is being proposed by current industry players.

Future Actions

  1. Participate in the committee to complete the POEL for the Municipality of La Paz
  2. Work with Congress on Sustainability Legislation designed to protect against toxic open pit mining.
  3. Continue to reach out to decision makers and stakeholders about the dangers of this very aggressive form of mining.

Progress Progress Report

  • Participated in public hearings for the Los Cardones open pit mining project.
  • Organized educational programs in all Todos Santos schools from kindergarten to high school.
  • Developed two videos No a la Minería Tóxica en Baja California Sur and Stop Toxic Mining in Baja California Sur.
  • Developed and published four full page ads in La Paz and Los Cabos papers about the Los Cardones mining project and toxic mining.
  • Published three thousand 16-page Comic Books explaining open pit mining, as well as flyers and other educational materials.
  • Distributed mining and water education information via blog and social media.
  • Distributed 600 bumper stickers and a dozen banners, which were used during the public hearings and the Pacto de Todos Santos Rally.
  • Developed Logos for campaign.
  • Designed and distributed 500 Tee shirts during the public hearings and the rally for the Pacto de Todos Santos.
  • Participated in the Todos Santos Coalition against Toxic Mining led by the Todos Santos Delegado Arturo Martinez Villalobos.
  • Intercepted illegal Los Cardones drilling equipment making test wells in Las Playitas and forced them to stop drilling and leave site.
  • Helped design and execute the Pacto de Todos Santos and organize the signing events.
  • Collaborated with other NGOs, Associations and citizens groups in No Toxic Mining Events.
  • Met with members of the Congreso del Estado for the formation of a special commission to investigate the illegal processes surrounding the approval of the Los Cardon project.
  • Organized 200 people from Todos Santos to visit the installations of SEMARNAT in La Paz to manifest their inconformity with the permit approvals.
  • Conversations with President Enrique Peña Nieto to protest the Los Cardones project during the President’s visit to Todos Santos to evaluate damages from Hurricane Odile.

Video in Spanish

Video in English