Vida y Prosperidad recognizes the need to protect, enhance and conserve the environment. By protecting these natural systems we are committed to sustainable development. Here in Baja California Sur we face many types of environmental issues. From predatory developments to open pit mining that could gravely impact our fresh water sources. 

Part of creating a healthy and sustainable environment is having sources of educational outlets in order to promote sustainable processes and to teach about the hazards that can happen if we were to allow companies to exploit our land and water resources. Over the years we have dedicated our organization in educating the local community on the harmful effects of toxic mining. By doing so we have helped to raise awareness and have helped to keep an open pit mine from developing in the Sierra de la Laguna. 

In addition to mining we also must create awareness on the importance of coastal dunes and to ensure that they are protected, rather than developed for residential and commercial needs. Coastal dunes are vital to a healthy eco system and they help to stabilize the land in order to protect and repair when erosion occurs albeit storms, wave surges and general climate change. 

  • Extensive work in mining education and information.
  • Taken action to protect coastal dunes.
  • Action against damaging desalinization plants and development.
  • Creation of project and plan to eliminate single use plastics.
Sierra de la Laguna