Todos Santos is a Pueblo Magico, an oasis with dramatic green spaces and tropical landscapes. During Hurricane Odile (2014) many parts of the oasis, including the downtown area lost old trees and vegetation. In addition, to the damage from the storm, the local government started a street and sidewalk reconstruction project. This project removed all of the trees in order to build new roads and sidewalks. However, there was no budget to re-plant trees. So, we stepped up and raised funds in order to restore this much needed vegetation.

Hurricane Odile

Why was it vital to reforest our downtown areas?

  • The increase of concrete surfaces has resulted in higher temperatures in the downtown area.
  • Because of decreased shade on buildings, energy costs are higher.
  • There is no longer a natural canopy to protect tourists from the direct sun as they walk through town, which discourages shopping and leisurely pedestrian activity.
  • Without trees, wind sweeps through town increasing dust and vehicle exhaust pollution.
  • The tree removal has caused a negative esthetic impact on the townscape and deprived the Pueblo Magico of some of its most beautiful natural attributes.





Project Accomplishments

  • Planted an Urban garden in Todos Santos that has begun to create beautiful shaded streets and public spaces, inviting visitors and residents to walk in the downtown area to visit cafes, shops, galleries and sites of interest.
  • The reforestation was focused on unusual trees and plants that do not use large amounts of water, are interesting, ornamental, and environmentally friendly.
  • Developed a natural canopy will help to clean the air of vehicle contaminants and dust, prevent erosion, cool the downtown area, save on energy costs, become a new tourist attraction and provide a people friendly environment for the community.
  • Developed built-in drip irrigation systems to ensure that the trees are properly and efficiently irrigated with the least waste of water.