Vida y Prosperidad Todos Santos, A.C. requested funds to support the Punta Lobos Fishing Cooperative to pay for legal costs, educational materials, communications, food, gas and expenses related to environmental violations, PSDU infractions, beach concession encroachment and physical damages caused by the MIRA/Tres Santos development.


The Organization has provided Legal and Logistical assistance to the Punta Lobos Fishing Cooperative to:

  • Recover their beach concession and historic land use rights at Punta Lobos Beach which has been taken over by the Tres Santos development.
  • Receive compensation for damages to their boats and motors from rocks from the seawall that was constructed by the Tres Santos development
  • Educate the Fishing Cooperative about their legal rights and obligations and help them to establish good governance practices.
  • Seek government action to address illegal construction at Punta Lobos Beach which is resulting in severe beach erosion.
  • Seek federal investigation into the destruction of wetlands and protected coastal landscapes by the development.
  • Organize educational meetings with different government agencies, the State Congress, SEMARNAT and PROFEPA to present information about environmental violations and PSDU violations by the Developer.
  • Organize and coordinate 5 town meetings with government agencies, officials and the Fishermen.
  • Collaborate with and support the documentary “Patrimonio” about the plight of the Punta Lobos Fishing Cooperative in their struggle against the Developer.
  • Offer material support to the fishermen during their blockade.
  • Organized two marches with banners, hats, tee shirts, and stickers.
  • Two trips to Mexico City to meet with SEMARNAT and other agencies.
  • Seeks government investigation into the improper use of water resources for the development.
  • Investigation and take legal actions against State, Municipal and Federal governments and related agencies to address violations by the Tres Santos of the Todos Santos-Pescadero-Las Playitas Subregional Urban Development Plan including indirect population and resource impacts.
  • Promote federal, state and local investigations of environmental violations by the developer.


  • Beach Concession: The Punta Lobos Fishing Cooperative remains in possession of their historic launch and arrival area, parking and work station. We are told that the fishermen will receive a new corrected concession from SEMARNATkn the next 30 days.
  • The State of BCS and SEMARNAT have been required by a federal judge to provide certified copies of all applications and permits granted to the Tres Santos and the parent company known as MIRA.
  • There are legal actions pending in Mexico City and La Paz against PROFEPA for failure to monitor and enforce environmental violations by the Developer.
  • Pending legal actions against the State government, the Municipal government and agencies for permit and PSDU violations.
  • The Cooperative has developed a strong culture of governance, and a clear understanding of their legal rights and obligations, and their environmental responsibilities.
  • Negotiations continue with the Developer for reimbursement of damages to pangas and launch site, designation of parking areas, and other boundary disputes.

Develop actions to identify and implement useful and effective tools and pathways to encourage transparency, human rights, and honest government, and thereby shape outcomes that support the rule of law.  These actions may include:

  • Legal actions
  • Education and information programs