Patrimonio Comunitario owes its conception to the concept of Collective Impact, which was developed by Stanford University in 2011 and posits that when different organizations come together with common goals and a united focus the opportunities for successful social change are greatly increased.

The collaboration that we call Patrimonio Comunitario recognizes the shared wealth that the community enjoys and the need to preserve, protect and enhance our important assets such as:

  • Air quality
  • Water
  • Beaches and coastal habitats,
  • Commercial assets, safe investment opportunities and economic reputation
  • Parks and plazas,
  • Architecture and urban image
  • Infrastructure, transportation arteries
  • Flora, fauna
  • Natural resources
  • Unique area-wide desert and oasis landscapes
  • Social health and harmony
  • Education options
  • Public safety

The purpose of the Patrimonio Comunitario  Commission is to unite to promote ordered regional growth that will:

  • Enhance economic and social vitality,
  • Promote a thriving business community that will offer abundant quality regional employment,
  • Increase investment value,
  • Protect the coastal zones,
  • Guarantee beach access,
  • Encourage intelligent use of land and natural resources,
  • Preserve the environmental and cultural patrimony of the region,
  • Stimulate arts, culture and education
  • Improve life opportunities

When we respect and protect our common treasures we contribute to the exceptional quality of life that is the legacy we share and that we leave for future generations.