Vida y Properidad Todos Santos, A.C., is based in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our organization is fueled by passionate members of our community. Founded in 2013, in order to be a vessel to address different areas of needs for our youth, adults, and our environment. 

Areas of Focus

Supplying uniform and equipment for the local fútbol (soccer), baseball, and girls softball teams. 


Educational materials in regard to toxic mining in Baja California Sur.

Human Rights 

Helped to protect the rights of our local fishing cooperative. We recognize this area of need is vital to ensure that all members of our community have help with human rights issues. 


When needs in our community arise, our organization steps in to help raise funds in order to overcome issues as the need comes. 

Natural Disaster Relief 

Providing food and supplies after hurricanes to over 100 ranch families. We also have helped to repair damages to our local elementary school when it was devastated by Hurricane Odile. 

VIDA Y PROSPERIDAD TODOS SANTOS, A.C., was formed in September of 2013 by the residents and business community of Todos Santos to address the concerns and problems of the local population, protect environmentally sensitive area within the community and to support education and social programs to provide greater prosperity and quality of life for the residents.